Dear Friends.

I stepped in as the interim youth minister last October not knowing how long I would be in this role. Three months, maybe six? A year? I’ve learned that the challenge of uncertainty offers abundant lessons in faith, trust and equanimity of spirit.  It’s a huge blessing to be in this community with all of you, to work with the shining bright youth of this church, and to be part of the Redeemer Staff. My time as the interim has given me so much already, including this poem….  I’m curious and excited about the coming months with you all, as we prepare the ground for more to come.

With love,

Interim Time

Welcome, Friend.
We will place you gently here.
Bring your fresh eyes
and heart that beats
with tenderness and strength.

Warning, Dear Friend.
Some may label you a placeholder.
a bookmark enabling easy
return to a familiar page.

Pause. Observe. Reflect. Be.
Be still and know.
Be. Still. Know.

Others expect a Medicine Woman,
Time traveller.
The Lush Gardens are Here. See!

Me, I am a human who wants to take your hand.
Let’s do this together you and me.

Let’s walk in rhythms of
tenderness and strength.
Let’s sit together
Be still and know

Love as the common ground
that roots us,
and all we wish to sow.