When you are struggling with a difficult personal or family situation, or grappling with any one of a number of distressing current events in our city, country and world, that upends the ground on which you stand, is there a life-giving practice or habit you have developed, to help anchor and reground you?

The coach of the rescued Thai soccer team, a former monk, had the practice of meditation that he was able to use himself and also teach his young charges, to sustain themselves throughout their ordeal in the caves. In “Won’t You Be My Neighbor”, the recently released documentary about the beloved host of the popular children’s TV show “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood”, Mr. Rogers shares that his mother used to tell him to “always look for the helpers” during “scary times”. My friend has a mantra he repeats to himself during times of high anxiety and stress, to help him find his way back to center: “I am safe. I am loved. I am whole.”

Yesterday during our last gathering of the summer for “Let’s Talk About It”, other practices and habits that folks have found life-giving and regrounding lately, were shared, including:

  • listening to certain music, including U2’s rendition of Psalm 40
  • watching mysteries on BBC public television
  • going for a walk and simply moving your body
  • coming to Redeemer and participating in various small groups and worship.

The consensus of the group was that practicing compassion – “suffering with” instead of “suffering alone” – is in and of itself life-giving.

Wherever you are on your faith journey, and however you are feeling about your life and the world around you, know you have a spiritual home of welcome and compassion here at Redeemer to help anchor you.