Redeemer is blessed with a professional and dedicated staff. Please contact them directly with specific questions, issues, or concerns.

_dlc2159-ellen-2016-v2Ellen Chatard
Director of Program, 410-435-7333 ext. 226

_dlc2153-robt-2016-v2Robert Chrystal
Director of Contemporary Music

_dlc2163-darlene-2016-v2Darlene Gilchrist
Bookkeeper, 410-435-7333 ext. 236

_dlc2168-barb-2016-v2Barbara Hart
Administrative Assistant, 410-435-7333 ext. 221

_dlc3879-maryknott-2016-v2Mary Knott
Parish Day School Director


_dlc3888-bert-landman-2016-v2Bert Landman
Organist/Director of Music Ministry, 410-435-7333 ext. 227

_dlc3870-2016-laplant-v2Kathy LaPlant
Director of Children’s Ministries

phanChuan Phan
Asst. Facilities Manager, 410-435-7333 ext. 224

_dlc2173-mark-2016-v2Mark Schroeder
Director of Facilities, 410-435-7333 ext. 238

_dlc3908-paul-2016-v2Paul Smith
Director of Youth Ministries

vuGiang Vu
Facilities Manager, 410-435-7333 ext. 224