Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. (James 5:14)

This past May we initiated The Ministry of St. Luke which is more commonly known as the ‘laying on of hands’.  Although this ministry is not new to Redeemer, what did change is that it transitioned from clergy centered to the laity. Eight individuals were invited to offer themselves to be part of the first group. Subsequently the clergy spent several Saturday mornings training them. While yes, the ‘how to’ was important, the primary emphasis was on the theological aspects of offering prayer for another person’s needs. During our time together there were expressions of fear, doubt, curiosity, and excitement that became the ties that bound the group in a powerful way. The gift of mutual vulnerability was palpable as they embarked on this spiritual journey.

It has now been six months which provides us with an opportunity to review our efforts. Overall the clergy and staff are very pleased with the reception from the parish. The individual members of The Ministry of St. Luke are finding their way with growing confidence in their role. Each one of them has spoken of both the privilege and the spiritual power of being involved. That is why this is called mutual ministry as both the one who offers prayer and the one who receives the prayer are united by the presence of the Holy Spirit. We also are aware that we want to continue to educate the parish about this special ministry as it becomes a regular part of our worship experience. With that in mind, the clergy will be offering an Adult Ed Program after church on Sunday, December 10 that will describe the training the individuals received as well as give the parish an opportunity to have a conversation with them.  We feel this will be a wonderful occasion to further understanding of this very significant ministry. As we look ahead, we will be incorporating The Ministry of St. Luke on a more regular basis so that every week the congregation will have the chance to engage in prayer with one another.


A Laying On of Hands
A laying on of hands
Not the clashing of souls
Simply a laying on of hands
A gathering of faith
That helps strengthen prayers
And helps pull down blessings
A bestowing of grace
A laying on of hands
Simplicity becomes sacramental.